A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hello and welcome to Micro Infection! You play as a little green virus that infects red cells. Infect and destroy as many as you can to rack up your score. Getting multiple in a row will also help increase your score. But be careful! The immune system is on the alert, and is ready to destroy you whenever they have the chance.

  • Watch out for the tendrils of the Macrophages! They'll pull you in and gobble you up.
  • Careful not to get tagged by the T cells. They don't pose a threat by themselves, but they will call in...
  • ...a swarm of Killer B cells! They will come and pursuit you and be on your tail as long as you're tagged.

Post your high score here and let me know how well you did. ;)

System Requirements:

  • OS must be 64-bit.
  • That's it I think. :)

Install instructions

Just download the file associated with your OS. Then extract its contents where you want your game files to be. For Windows and Linux users, the ".pck" file must be in the same folder as the respective executable to work.


Micro Infection for Windows 16 MB
Micro Infection for Mac 17 MB
Micro Infection for Linux 17 MB

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